A piece of art as a token: How blockchain is changing digital art

The New York artist collective “Snark Art” works on digital art projects on the blockchain. They break down their works into non-fungible tokens and make the viewers not only collectors, but active participants. Her new project “Burn Before Reading”, which turns fortune cookies into crypto collectibles, can be started next week.

The way we consume traditional art is often passive. Open and close exhibitions, the work spans a time window. “If you are lucky, you visit an exhibition that is in town for two weeks. The sphere is very exclusive and limited, ”says Misha Libman, who is trying to change this structure.

“Sure, this rarity is what makes art. But we ask ourselves: How can we maintain uniqueness, but make art accessible to more people and regardless of their location?”


Two years ago, he therefore founded Snark Art, a platform for digital art that uses blockchain to make users not only collectors, but also active participants in art. You create a game of ownership, investment and creative exchange on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Works of art are unique – so are NFTs

We meet Libman in his “Atelier” in New York – which is a desk for startups in the Brooklyn New Lab for digital art. Snark Arts is about videos, sounds, texts with AI. However, it is also about a new interaction with collectors that help make works unique. “You can also create a rarity value digitally. Nothing else is Non Fungible Token (NFT). “