Bitcoin advertising for 200 million listeners – Joe Rogan asks to buy BTC

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin again. After a strong rise in BTC rates in the past few days, the best-known and most important cryptocurrency has regained attention. This is not only due to the small price explosion itself, but above all to the various media portals that are once again picking up Bitcoin. One of the largest, if not the largest, podcasters is one of them – Joe Rogan. In a new episode, he promoted Bitcoin and motivated millions of his daily listeners to buy. We take a quick look at why Joe Rogan stirred the drum for BTC.

Joe Rogan advertises Bitcoin
In one of his last episodes – more specifically, episode # 1515 – Joe Rogan used the first few minutes to advertise his sponsors, including the Cash app. He not only briefly introduced the Cash App itself, which is known for quick and easy payments between friends, family and Co., but above all the Bitcoin savings plan of the payment service. He not only dealt with a few technical points from Bitcoin, but also explained how to do staking sats and briefly addressed the inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.

Joe Rogan has long been a supporter of the oldest cryptocurrency
This is not the first time Joe Rogan comes into contact with Bitcoin. He has already discussed the cryptocurrency several times with various guests in his talks, including BTC opponent and gold advocate Peter Schiff. Andreas Antonopolous, one of the best-known and most renowned Bitcoin experts, has been his guest twice. Therefore, at this point it may not only have been pure advertising for Cash App, but also his personal feeling regarding BTC.