Bitcoin and Co. Record : Over 5 billion USD managed by Greyscale

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular with institutional investors. This is shown above all by data from Grayscale, one of the largest asset managers for BTC and Co. A few weeks ago we summarized the official Q2 report from Grayscale, which gave us an insight into the behavior of institutional investors. Grayscale saw over 80% growth in the first quarter and raised a total of over $ 900 million for the Bitcoin Trust and others. Yesterday there was another update from Grayscale on Twitter. We take a quick look at what this is about and what information we can draw from this message.

Grayscale achieves record total for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co.
Grayscale has already received a lot of attention with its Q2 report. No wonder if Grayscale alone bought more BTC in Q2 than were newly produced. The demand from institutional investors this year can hardly be stopped. One record after another is broken. Nevertheless, it is only the beginning, as it is relatively small in volume when compared to the traditional market. But it is an important step to establish Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Many are oriented towards “big money” and follow the investment strategies of professional investors. Here is the tweet from Greyscale: