Bitcoin Bullrun inevitable – BTC will explode again

The Bitcoin price is now in a consolidation phase after its slight increase after the halving on May 11 and is trading at around $ 9,500. Even if that’s fairly good compared to the course of the price after the last Bitcoin Halvings, many are wondering whether and when there will be a massive Bitcoin Bullrun like 2016/2017.Since this question is the Holy Grail throughout BTC and Crypto-Space, we venture to approach an answer in this article today. We look at indicators and reasons that speak for a new Bitcoin Bullrun from many different areas. So much can be said: Bitcoin has never been better


BTC chart pattern shows bullish scenario

But Glassnode’s on-chain data is by no means the only reason for another bullrun. Technically, Bitcoin has also generated a very interesting pattern in recent months, which historically suggests great things for the price.This means that the sequence of a golden cross, death cross and then another golden cross took place within 100 days in the chart of the Bitcoin price. This chart technical sequence was last seen in 2015 and the Bitcoin price subsequently increased by 6,400%.The analyst Nunya Bizniz wrote in a Twitter post: