Bitcoin Crash: Experienced traders see another one coming

Is Bitcoin facing a final fall?
In an interview on Crypto Markets Live, Brandt said it is very gullible that Bitcoin is planning a big rally amid the global economic turmoil. However, he believes that the opposite will be the case and that the BTC will see a major downward trend.
“The narrative at the moment is that it just seems to say that I’m buying Bitcoin. We have a global virus underway. We have a Fiat extension like never before and this is a narrative that people would use to say that they are constructive for Bitcoin. That is the reason to own Bitcoin. But Bitcoin only weighs people in to sleep there …”

A hunt for the easiest solution
I always try to figure out what the easiest game is. What is the easiest to believe? I think the easiest thing the Noobs can believe is that I will only own Bitcoin here and it is great to buy it and we are going to the moon and there is no risk of owning it here and me gonna buy it here and it’ll be at a million dollars before you know it. Markets don’t make it that easy. The markets always show some curve balls there, and I think it’s too easy to believe that Bitcoin needs to be owned here, and it’s only a matter of days or weeks before an upward price explosion occurs.