Bitcoin Halving might lead to 300k$ at some point?

With almost 95,000 followers, PlanB is a popular anonymous Twitter user who has committed to cryptocurrencies. He has gained particular fame with his stock-to-flow forecasting model. This includes several factors such as block rewards, current token prices or inflation in fiat currencies for the calculations. PlanB was featured in the May 1 issue of the podcast with Peter McCormak, another crypto-influencer. There he described the path of the oldest cryptocurrency from a toy, to reaching the $ 1 mark, to a serious asset in which it is worth investing.


PlanB is revising its stock-to-flow model shortly before Bitcoin Halving

On April 27, PlanB published an article detailing a revised version of its stock-to-flow model.The stock-to-flow model states that there is a connection between the hardness of an asset and its price. The hardness is calculated as follows: amount conveyed / increase in one year. Example Bitcoin: 18,359,500 coins are currently being funded. Each year, block reward * block per year = 12.5 * 6 * 24 * 365 = 657,000 BTC are added. So the hardness is ~ 28. The hardness increases linearly with the same delivery rate. Bitcoin also doubles its hardness in one fell swoop due to the fact that the production volume is halved.