Bitcoin is a “safe haven”- not in the way you think

Russia is showing in Moscow what digital total control of citizens can look like. The reason is, of course, the Corona crisis. Since credit card data also plays a role, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be necessary to meet basic needs – and maintain something like a free market.


70 years later

After a good 70 years of a free society, it seems inconceivable to many that a strong, dictatorial state will return. The technical methods of controlling people and their thoughts are there, and it has long been known that secret services exploit them in a way that the old dictatorships like the GDR could not even dream of. But the confidence in a self-confident bourgeoisie and the democratic institutions of the rule of law are so great that hardly anyone can imagine that it will actually happen – that the digital full surveillance state is awakening.A few weeks in 2020 changed so much. In Germany, many basic freedoms that are taken for granted are suspended indefinitely, and half the world, with a large consensus among the citizens, has imposed extensive curfews. A look at Russia now shows how the dystopia of the digital control state can develop. The Russian journalist Boris Reitschuster reports about it under the title “Digital Nightmare”, other sources such as Sky or The Moscow Times confirm him.