Bitcoin is now almost as big as Bank of America

The total assets that are currently invested in Bitcoin (BTC) are almost as high as the market value of the major American bank Bank of America. At press time, Bitcoin’s market cap is just over $ 217 billion, while Yahoo Finance calculates that Bank of America’s market cap is currently just over $ 226 billion. The Next Web made the corresponding comparison in a recent article.

Bitcoin is increasing
Although Bitcoin is repeatedly subject to strong fluctuations in value, the market-leading crypto currency was able to make significant gains in 2020 despite the Corona crisis, which has meanwhile trumped other well-known competitors. A few months ago, Bitcoin still seemed comparatively small when the American central bank pumped a financial injection of 168 billion US dollars into the domestic economy. At that time, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency was “only” 145 billion US dollars. In April, Bitcoin even lost its comparison with Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who at the time had private assets of 140 billion US dollars, while the crypto market leader stood at a total value of 130 billion US dollars. In theory, the US entrepreneur could have bought up all of the Bitcoin, but crypto expert Tone Vays pointed out that this would have been almost impossible in practice.