Bitcoin: It can get even stronger when the Crisis is over

Bitcoin doesn’t often get a tailwind from politicians. Tom Emmer’s statements are all the more remarkable. US Congressman Tom Emmer has been optimistic about the future of Bitcoin in an interview with Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital.

Bitcoin stronger than ever after Corona
According to Emmer, the crypto reserve currency can reach its full potential once the corona crisis is over. The Republican said:
“When we get out of the crisis, Bitcoin won’t go away, it will get stronger.”

According to Emmer, Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology are becoming increasingly important and socially relevant.
“You just watch, it has value, if something has value, people will take risks and it will move on.”

In addition, the recently decided legalization of the crypto custody business for US banks is another door opener for Bitcoin acceptance in the country, according to Emmer. On July 22nd, financial institutions received the blessing from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (a federal agency subordinate to the US Treasury Department) to allow them to hold crypto assets such as Bitcoin in the future. Emmer has often positioned himself in advance with a pro-crypto stance and criticized too harsh regulation of the sector, which slows down the innovation potential of the industry.