Bitcoin made in Germany?

Bitcoin has been on everyone’s lips again since the latest halving. But who invented it? The traces may lead straight to Germany.The guesswork about the person behind Satoshi Nakamoto is like searching for the egg of Columbus. So far, all sorts of more or less obscure crypto heads have strayed into the selection of supposed Satoshi candidates. From the reputable Craig Wright to the leisure astronaut Elon Musk to the German hobby DJ Jörg Molt – the list of self-proclaimed or externally determined Bitcoin inventors is as long as it is strange. According to a daring blog entry, Satoshi’s traces can be traced back to Germany. Could Bitcoin have German roots?


From Mozart to Satoshi

However, the reasoning of the trustnode entry should be treated with caution. In essence, it boils down to the fact that the Bitcoin currency concept and thus the design of the German business school implemented in the Bitcoin code stems from:”Design is a story told in code, and this story is primarily, if not entirely, a German story.”Furthermore, the text pours out in praise for the German culture of poets and thinkers. After all, something as significant and revolutionary as Bitcoin could only have arisen in a high culture, right?