Bitcoin on the way to $ 10,000

The golden ratio at $ 7,800 has been broken bullish by the Bitcoin price and Bitcoin is currently about to target the next resistance at $ 9,200. At $ 9,800 the important 0.382 Fib level lies between two golden ratios, which mark the upper and lower side of the horizontal value between $ 9,200 – $ 10,500. Bitcoin will definitely find strong resistance in this area, but breaking the golden ratio is extremely bullish regarding the upcoming halving date. Bitcoin Krus is already supported at $ 7,800 – $ 8,200.There are only a few hours left until the monthly candle of Bitcoin closes.


Bullish weather

The monthly candle is currently above the closing value of the previous candle, which is why the current candle represents a “bullish engulfing candle”. However, this monthly candle must also close above $ 8,600 for the monthly candle to form a “bullish engulfing candle”, which would be extremely bullish.In terms of halving in 2 weeks, it could look very rosy for the Bitcoin course this year.