Bitcoin or gold? What is prefered?

Dan Helds Moonshot

With articles like Bitcoin’s security is fine and Planting Bitcoin, Dan Held has written in the hearts of the community. Meanwhile, the Bitcoiner works at Kraken and occasionally makes a name for itself through bullish price forecasts. This also applies to his appearance at Cointelegraph. Held believes that price estimates of $ 100,000 to $ 200,000 are still conservative. He is expecting a kind of Bitcoin Supercycle that will immediately raise the value of digital gold to one million US dollars.

“We could witness a super cycle. So many predict that Bitcoin will rise to $ 10,000, $ 100,000, or $ 300,000. Now, what happens when the whole world wakes up and realizes that BTC is this decentralized store of value that cannot be confiscated? In times of socialism and rising taxes, hundreds of thousands of people could pour billions and billions of dollars into Bitcoin. Therefore, it could go up to $ 1 million.”

-Dan hero


Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin! Or would you prefer gold?

Gold and its digital counterpart actually address similar narratives. When central banks print money and the debt bubble widens, holding solid money is a kind of hedge against the portfolio downturn. One of the most prominent representatives of this story is the billionaire Mike Novogratz. Now the founder and CEO of the investment manager Galaxy Digital seems to be keeping the peg of the precious metal. Because, as Novogratz announced when appearing on CNBC Fast Money, he recommends investors to weight gold more strongly than BTC in the portfolio.