Blockchain becomes indispensable in the food industry

We have already reported on blockchain technology more than once. Also in connection with the tracking of products the Blockchain has already found many fans. The tracked products do not only include the worldwide known Coca Cola shower. But also tulips, wine and the like have already run virtually through the Blockchain. Now also verified beef from the USA comes to Japan – of course, with the Blockchain!


Italian wine via the Blockchain? Coca Cola virtually tracked or would you prefer digitally halal-certified food? None of this is new any more. And now there is another feature on the blockchain: verified beef from the USA that is on its way to Japan. At least that’s what HerdX announced at a dinner event on Friday evening, 8 November. UPS and the Japanese Embassy in the USA enter into a logistics partnership. This time too, the technology will ensure that the sender and recipient know exactly where the products come from and what the quality really is. In terms of traceability and quality assurance, the blockchain has definitely brought great change to the food industry.


This change is mainly due to the fact that consumers are increasingly interested in the origin of their products. The pressure on producing and transporting companies is growing accordingly. HerdX offers a unique open source platform as a third-party supplier. Complicated supply chains are therefore no longer a problem for end consumers. UPS has developed a custom integrated visibility tool that integrates with HerdX’s blockchain technology to provide live updates and authenticated data points throughout the journey.


A Little Blockchain Foretaste

Not only on the tracked product itself, but also on the approach of the entrepreneurial station wagon. At the special dinner party, the managers sent USDA-certified Black Angus beef from Creekstone Farms, packed in UPS Temperature True packaging, by airfreight from Kansas to Japan. The highlight: The packaging contains sensors that monitor the temperature along the entire transport route. These data then give the senders and receivers the desired quality assurance. Romaine Seguin, UPS President of Global Freight Forwarding, explains: “We are committed to meeting HerdX’s industry-leading quality assurance and traceability standards for all customers driving international growth.

By the way, it’s not just delicacies from the blockchain belt. Everledger diamonds are now also tracked. Not only to ensure quality, but also to present ethically flawless diamonds.