Blockchain premiere: German company collects in the first Blockchain IPO € 1.4 million

The Berlin-based fundraising platform Neufund has just completed its first Blockchain-based IPO: 1.4 million euros were raised for a company called Greyp.

The offer attracted around 1,017 investors from 34 different countries. The IPO had a minimum participation of 100€.

Newfound is thus taking a significant step forward for blockchain-based companies. The company exists since 2016 and enables blockchain fundraising and investment.
Newfound and Greyp connected by blockchain

Newfound was founded by Zoe Adamovicz, who currently also serves as CEO. Adamovicz is a groundbreaking technology entrepreneur, according to Forbes, she is one of the “Top 50 Women in Tech”.

The success of the IPO was an important and exciting day for Neufund, but also for the security token industry, according to Adamovicz.

Thanks to the platform, private companies now have the evidence that they can effectively use blockchain technology for initial public offerings. The barrier to entry is now much lower, which is also an open invitation for private investors.

Following completion of the initial public offering, the platform will now distribute funds from the first offering of new token holders. The IPO also attracted clients such as “Black One Entertainment” – a German company that will be the next issuer of Newfoundland.

In addition, the company has announced that it also has foreign companies in the pipeline, such as Belgium and India.

Newfound has used more than 17 million euros to date, with more than 11,000 investors from 111 countries. By the way, they have all registered on the platform in less than a year.

The company launched an Equity Token Offering campaign in 2018, which probably helped attract the necessary attention, because in March, Newfound was voted one of the ten most promising blockchain startups.

Greyp itself is a high-tech mobility company founded by Mate Rimac. Renowned investors such as T-Mobile, Porsche and the Camel Group support the company, which emerged as a small department at Rimac Automobili. By the way, they have developed the most powerful hypercar in the world.

The current focus of the company is to work on expanding its own community and to introduce small investors to the networked mobility future.