BTC: Why only speculators should bet on Bitcoin

The (financial) world is in disarray. With his leadership style, Donald Trump is destroying confidence in the safe investment haven of the US dollar. For Baader Bank chief analyst Rober Halver, there is still no reason to prefer crypto currencies like Bitcoin to traditional investments like stocks and gold. In view of the debt orgies and the simultaneous lack of interest, only Pinocchio speaks of financial stability. Last but not least, there are coronal economic risks. Good reasons, then, that stable cryptocurrencies, since they cannot be increased at will, are only at the beginning of a fabulous price rally, right?

The soil for Bitcoin & Co. is well fertilized, but …
As long as these risks persist, cryptos will remain in focus. Financial instability is here to stay. The worldwide galloping debt must continue to be financed cheaply, so that interest-bearing paper will be ruled out as a serious asset class until the day of no-no.
However, should Trump not be “re-elected”, the geopolitical tensions in the transatlantic relationship could at least flatten. And if there were ever more effective drugs in the treatment of Corona, perhaps even vaccines, the economy would pick up speed. All in all, you don’t need cryptos, but above all stocks, which would benefit not only from the liquidity boom but also from the fundamental bull market. In any case, gold is the top dog in the area of the safe asset classes.