CanCan: DFINITY develops open TikTok based on blockchain

DFINITY today announced that the in-house development of Internet computers is now open to third-party developers and entrepreneurs: developers can use it to create the next generation of decentralized applications that are to revolutionize the Internet.Among other things, DFINITY presented the self-developed CanCan this week, a kind of open alternative to TikTok, which is neither owned nor operated by a company nor a government.


Very little Code required

Less than 1,000 lines of source code are required for CanCan – this shows how quickly and easily software and functions can be developed on the Internet computer. This is a stark contrast to platforms like Facebook, which took over a decade to develop and contain well over 60 million lines of code.


“One of the biggest problems currently emerging is the monopolization of the Internet by big tech companies that have consolidated almost complete control over modern technology. These companies collect huge amounts of information about us, which they sell at high profits or use themselves to increase market share and displace rivals at an alarming rate. ”

 said Dominic Williams, founder and chief scientist at DFINITY. Williams adds:

“The internet computer offers a way to restart the internet. It creates a public alternative to proprietary cloud infrastructures as we currently know them. The next generation of developers and entrepreneurs can take on the big tech with open internet services thanks to the internet computer. It aims to bring the internet back to its free and open roots instead of being dominated by a handful of companies. ”