Cash gold vs. diamonds and real estate – tangible assets viewed from a future perspective

The brand-new book “Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate” by Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz, CEO and founder of Karatbars International GmbH, advises you to think. The financial market is volatile, real estate is overvalued and diamonds are only suitable to a limited extent as an investment. It’s a fact that more and more investors are looking for a safe haven and are investing their money in tangible assets. Since real estate and diamonds are among the most frequently chosen forms of investment, the author has named his book “Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate”. Cashgold is a means of payment that was developed by Karatbars International GmbH and introduced to the market. At the end of the book, the author explains what this gold-based means of payment, which contains gold, really is all about. For the introduction Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz looks at the current state of affairs from a global perspective, as well as the threat of uncertainty with regard to the financial market. He reports a lack of confidence in banks and a general and widespread concern that cash will no longer play a role in the future. Also uncertain are the infrastructure and the economy, so that crises are pre-programmed and global action can no longer be imagined without them. At this point he uses “Cashgold vs. diamonds and real estate” as an alternative and investment option in times of crisis. He takes up the history of gemstones and the diamond trade and writes a detailed chapter about real and fake diamonds. Finally, he gives tips on whether diamonds are a suitable investment and whether they can provide security even in times of crisis. The second part of his book, Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate, turns around the real estate sector.

 Real estate investments – rewarding or a risky decision?

Among all tangible assets, real estate is currently highly valued. Why is the real estate market booming and why are people taking out loans to invest in real estate and expose themselves to the uncertainty of the market? In Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate the author describes the dangers of real estate, deals with the uncertainty of rental payments and the associated risks for the investor, but also with the bureaucracy in the acquisition. He writes in Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate about overvalued real estate prices and the problems associated with bubble formation. Even though industry experts do not currently assume a bursting real estate bubble, Seiz assumes that the real estate market in Germany has long faced a major problem. In the USA, it has been shown how quickly a property worth millions can lose its value and lead the owner into financial ruin. Another point is the problem that most properties are financed on credit and thus paid for out of Fiat money. This factor has a lasting effect on the risk of bubble formation and is therefore explained in more detail in Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate. In the book Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate, you can go directly from the Real Estate section to the section with information on Cashgold as a means of payment.

 Cashgold – Value stability and means of payment with real gold

Gold bars and coins are rather unsuitable for regular payment transactions. Harald Seiz advocates in his book Cashgold vs. Diamonds and Real Estate, the micro-currency Cashgold developed by him. What is Cashgold? This question is answered in as much detail as the history of micro-currency and Karatbars International GmbH is explained. Dr. Seiz describes Cashgold as a means of payment whose value alone remains stable due to the integrated 24 carat gold in the banknote. Conventional cash currencies are only paper with an imprint. Cashgold contains gold and is therefore the only current currency whose value cannot fall and can fall to zero in the wake of inflation.