Could the Russian central bank try to ban bitcoin mining?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and businessmen have alarmed an interview recently given by the head of the legal department at the Russian central bank, which suggested that cryptocurrencies could be banned in the country – leading to a possible blockade of Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoin mining could lead.

Central Bank chief Alexei Guznov’s recent statements could have far-reaching implications for cryptoassets in Russia. Guznov suggested that the Bank of Russia remains firmly against cryptoassets, considers them to be highly risky, and would support a ban on their circulation.

But according to the RBC media channel, several experts are calling for calm – and suggesting that resourceful miners could stay afloat, while others claim that the central bank’s ban is unlikely to come about.RBC quotes Pyotr Lyalin, deputy director of law and technology at Synergy Research Group, saying that the miners could find a solution because they could focus on mining tokens outside of Russia.

Another tech expert explained that the central bank is trying to explicitly ban the circulation and issuance of cryptocurrencies so that the miners could get to safety, however the bank decides – with fraudulent crypto equipment as the main feature of the anger of the Bank.