Does the Bitcoin price (BTC) benefit from the trading floor?

Investors experience an emotional bath of change. After heavy losses last week, price gains are again hinting. The ups and downs on the stock markets could play into the cards of the Bitcoin price in the long run.With a price movement of close to zero percent, the Bitcoin price (BTC) was at the same level as the previous day at $ 9,490. With a fluctuation range of just under $ 140, the Bitcoin price has remained stable in a range between $ 9,424 and $ 9,566 in the last 24 hours.


Bitcoin is slipping

On a weekly basis, the Bitcoin price slips slightly into the red at just under 2.8 percent. The current situation on the stock markets could lead to a price increase, while the recent adjustment of the mining difficulty could pull the ground away from some miners. The surge in the mining difficulty indicates that many miners are operating in the network again. In the course of the halving, the hash rate and the mining difficulty initially corrected dramatically downwards.In the following weeks of the halving, the hash rate dropped by 26 percent at times. This indicated that some miners switched their devices off the grid to save costs. By halving the Coinbase Reward, mining was simply not profitable enough.As a result, the mining difficulty has slipped two adjustments in a row. First on May 20 by 6 percent and on June 4 by another 9.29 percent.The current increase of almost 15 percent has already been indicated by the recent increase in the hash rate. On June 12, the hash rate rose to 117.511 TH / s.