English cricket team puts all ticket sales on Blockchain

Blockchain technology generally stands for counterfeit protection and trust. Even one of England’s most popular sports could soon make use of these advantages.

Cricket is considered a time-honoured and traditional sport. However, a new project of the Lancashire County Cricket Club proves that the game of cricket is also receptive to technological innovations. On 24 January, the cricket club announced that in future it intends to sell tickets for all matches in its home stadium via a block chain platform.

Lancashire Country is cooperating with the ticket company SecuTix. The tickets for national and international matches at the Old Treffort Cricket Ground will therefore be available via the TIXnGO platform developed by SecuTix. The platform can be accessed via a mobile app, which acts as a ticket wallet and can be used to buy and sell tickets. The official launch of the blockchain platform in 2020 was preceded by extensive testing in the previous year.


Blockchain makes ticket business more secure

The Lancashire County Cricket Club is the first British sports organisation to decide to transfer its ticketing services to the Blockchain. However, such a move could prove to be a landmark. David Hornby, UK Managing Director at SecuTix, used the TIXnGO platform to illustrate the advantages of this technology for ticket sales:

“Blockchain technology addresses many of the ticketing issues faced by both sports organisations and fans. TIXnGO creates a unique, encrypted ticket for Smartphones that is fully traceable, eliminates the risk of forged tickets and simplifies the process of transferring or reselling tickets for the customer. It can be easily integrated into Lancashire’s existing ticketing system to provide fans with a better and safer digital ticket for mobile phones.”

In addition to protecting against counterfeiting and fraud, blockchain-based solutions help to curb ticket sales via secondary markets. Such third-party resale points are a thorn in the side of promoters due to missed revenues.


Digital tickets on the rise

Cricket is therefore not the only sport that has already taken the first steps towards block-chain based tickets. In the world of soccer, there are also a number of model projects that are intended to counteract undesired ticket resales. One of these comes from UEFA, which wants to offer some of the tickets for the upcoming European Championship in the form of digital tokens. In order to contain the ticket black market, the Dutch football association KNVB is also experimenting with blockchain technology.

After all, there are numerous other planned applications for Blockchain tickets beyond the world of sports. Tickets in token form could soon be used on trains, in airplanes and even in Broadway shows.