Gold as a currency – Why society needs to do some rethinking

The world is on the brink of upheaval. There will be major changes, new inflations and devaluations of national currencies. Wars, crises and geopolitical decisions are weighing down the conventional financial markets, putting them daily at risk that their debt money system will fail and the currency we know today will be worthless tomorrow. While numbers printed on paper are merely a promise, gold is a guarantee with a physical background. The precious metal has survived for eons and is therefore the only reasonable way out in terms of crises-safe currencies in the present as well as in the future.

Harald Seiz Karatbars International

Everyone should be able to afford gold as their currency

The gold investment market has been booming for some years now and anyone who can afford it has deposited collector coins or gold bars in their safe or in the vault of their bank. But pure investment gold has one disadvantage – the large denomination and the associated high countervalue. Harald Seiz knows that you cannot pay with a 500 gram gold bar and openly addresses the problem of a classic investment in gold. Karatbars International, founded and managed by Harald Seiz, has developed a currency that contains gold in the smallest denominations and can be used optimally as a means of payment. In contrast to national currencies, this currency has met with worldwide acceptance and is already represented in 192 countries. On the future financial market, gold will be the only real alternative to conventional money and printed notes or coins. In order to stay liquid in times of crisis, you need a real value and not a promise whose fulfillment is literally in the stars. A 100 euro note from the debt currency system can be worth nothing tomorrow, whereas genuine gold with the equivalent of 100 euro survives inflation itself and can therefore be exchanged for products and services at any time. The concept of the gold currency is based on practical denominations that can be used in everyday life. If you want to pay for a loaf of bread with a large gold bar at the bakery or refuel your car, you will be faced with the problem that your payment method will not be accepted. The situation is different if the quantity of gold corresponds to the authentic value of the goods.

The historical and future value of gold

There have been many payment systems and currencies throughout the history of mankind. All financial systems have been ultimately overturned after a few decades and replaced by new monetary systems. Gold has always been stable and has even gained in value in times of crisis, which is why the precious metal gold is rightly referred to as the crisis currency. Another important aspect that speaks for gold as a currency is the fact that the real value of the precious metal can never drop to zero and disappear completely.
 Stock market fluctuations are marginal and can therefore easily be neglected. The focus is on the stable performance of gold and its growing importance when it comes to developing new currencies without the risk of inflation. Harald Seiz sees a golden future and is continuously working on realizing his vision and making gold a viable currency for everyone. In order to use gold as a currency, the denominations must be small and precisely adapted to the cost of daily needs.