Gold coins: when will the new years come?

The large minting institutions pursue a different publication policy when issuing the new years of their gold coins. Kettner Edelmetalle gives an overview.

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Krugerrand, maple leaf, kangaroo or philharmonic? Whoever buys gold coins to invest in, usually has the choice between current, at best freshly minted, and older pieces. Those who always buy the latest editions usually don’t just get flawless copies. One can assume that the gold coins are also equipped with current security features.



Now the major minting establishments are not pursuing a uniform spending policy. Australian Perth Mint starts selling the pieces of the coming year in September. The new Krugerrand coins in investment quality (stamp gloss), on the other hand, are only available after the turn of the year. Other manufacturers prefer November as the new edition month. Dominik Kettner from Kettner Edelmetalle gives a video (below) an overview of the most important investment gold coins and their appearance.