Gold: How to sell gold at the best price

Gold can be found in many households in various forms, whether as dental gold, coins or jewelry. Many people have no idea how best to sell their gold when they want to part with it. After all, there are a multitude of options, both from online traders and from local, established precious metal dealers. In order to really get the best price for the shiny precious metal you should definitely rely on a serious buyer.

The gold content
Getting a good price for gold is easiest when the gold content of the item in question can be determined as precisely as possible. The value of coins or bars is often obvious. If it is a question of jewelry, the engravings provide information.

Rely on comparison portals
Price comparison portals help to gain an initial overview of how the current purchase prices for gold bars or coins are. The objects can often be sold via these portals without great risk. The purchase prices for scrap gold can also be found there, but it is necessary to state the respective gold shares. It is also a good tip to obtain additional price information from a local dealer.

The advice of a professional
When it comes to an item that doesn’t explicitly show the amount of gold or the engraving has faded over time, determining the exact amount of gold is difficult. The solution then usually consists in the advice of a specialist who can determine the fine gold content of the object.