Gold is creating new records

The gold price is currently a little easier, but silver can continue to grow. But the overarching trend is pointing upwards. The World Gold Council has now evaluated the holdings of the large gold-backed ETFs. The result is a new record. In March, net inflows increased $ 8.1 billion, or five percent. In the first quarter, inflows were as high as $ 23 billion. This is the largest quarterly increase in history.


At the highest level

Overall, the holdings of the world’s largest gold ETFs such as the GLD (SPDR Gold Shares) are at the highest level in history. Gold ETFs already grew 57 percent last year. That was the highest growth since the financial crisis. Interesting: Particularly in Europe, investors are increasingly turning to gold ETFs. Assets under management rose $ 4.4 billion in March.

The inflows into the world’s largest gold ETFs show that even professionals are looking more and more towards gold. While private investors in particular prefer the physical acquisition of gold in the form of bars and coins, financial professionals are better off with ETFs (in Germany ETCs). The simple reason: the ETFs are easy to trade and, above all, the institutional investors do not have to worry about storing the precious metal.