Gold looks weaker

After the ECB has been dealing with a program for bank bailouts of over EUR 1,100 billion since March 12, quotes: “Rescue program for banks in times of the corona virus”. “The recent ECB monetary policy decisions are essentially a bailout program for banks.” “… the ECB even lends them the money for minus 0.75 percent”. “… strengthens the banks’ profits,” European politicians begin 5 weeks later to take care of the people at risk. On March 12, the numbers were 2,746 cases and 6 deaths. On April 16, 131,411 cases and 3,837 deaths were reported.


Precious metal markets

On a euro basis, the gold price falls at a somewhat firmer dollar (current price 50,382 euros / kg, previous day 51,006 euros / kg). On April 14th, the gold price reached the target price range between $ 1,700 and $ 1,900 / oz after a long upward movement and has been valued fairly again for many years. Due to the lack of alternative investments, it is advisable to remain fully invested in gold, silver and precious metal stocks even at the beginning of an expected exaggeration phase. As many weak hands have come into the market in the upward trend of the past few months, a more volatile price development can be expected in the next few months.