Gold rises to $ 20,000 according to Pierre Lassonde

He is a pioneer in the raw materials scene: Pierre Lassonde. With Franco-Nevada, he launched the first streaming company on the stock exchange. Today Franco-Nevada is a $ 20 billion company. Chairman Pierre Lassonde has now given an interview with on the future prospects for gold. He sees gold in the $ 20,000 range over the next two to five years.


Money gets to the people

Pierre Lassonde explains that it will take some time for the money that is pumped into the market to reach people. It will also take some time for the supply chains to be rebuilt. However, the chairman of Franco-Nevada believes the Dow Jones and gold will move closer. The gold price has seen periods in the past when levels are close, if not equal, to the Dow index. “I don’t know if the Dow will be $ 23,000 or $ 16,000, and even if [the ratio] is two to one, I would like to point out that the price of gold will soon be much higher than it is today,” he said. Lassonde noted that gold is still in a relatively early stage of a bull market, especially gold mining stocks. “Gold mining stocks have a long, long way to catch up. They will soon be a multiple of where they are today, “he said.