Harald Seiz – THINK BIG: Success is not put in the cradle

Certainly it is easier for people with a certain social background to become successful. Karatbars International GmbH founder and Managing Director Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz proves that there are other ways in his company as well as in his brand new book “Think Big”. The book is a courage maker, which tells the history of the entrepreneur and explains on the basis examples, how everyone can make a successful business from a vision. The dream and the idea come first, because they are the foundation for success. Only then you think about how to turn your dream into a real success business and which paths to take. Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz also reports on setbacks. Before he becomes a luminary on the financial market, he suffered a few setbacks and was repeatedly forced to a new claim. Fighting spirit and self-confidence, as well as the conviction of one’s own idea are more important than money or the foundation stone of a rich parental home.

Think Big – A book about the way to success

For some people, visions are basically dreams that are only lived in thought, not in reality. In many cases, the environment stands in the way of implementing one’s own ideas and warns of risks and break-ins if a plan cannot be implemented. But who listens to the doubting voices and to the numerous warnings, stands its success even in the way and cannot at all experience whether an idea is a genuine vision or really only a dream. Dr. Seiz did not allow himself to be put off and followed his idea. So long, until it bore fruit and proved to be a real success story. With the founding of Karatbars International GmbH in 2011, the Harald Seiz his vision become reality. In the beginning he managed the company alone, but the expansion could not be stopped. Today the company is a global player and has established itself on the international financial market. The idea of a gold-based means of payment, the opening of their own bank and the ownership of their own mine have paid off. Seiz knows, that every person can realize his dreams and bring visions to life. Therefore, he has written a book that describes his own path to success with all the hurdles and difficulties he faces. and courage. Motivation is the multiplier of strength and energy. Every idea is worth thinking through and realizing. If more people had the courage to realize themselves and turned their idea into an empire, the world would already be a better place. and the innovations would not be nipped in the bud. In Think Big the author describes his experiences and shows how to shape a vision from an idea and an enterprise from a vision with assertiveness and self-confidence.

Do not dream your life …

but live your dream is the message that Dr. Seiz conveys in his book. Even if this saying sounds like a phrase, there is more truth in it than one might believe at first glance. With the correct Tipps for a successful Beschreitung of the own ways underpinned, Think Big plausible and effective strategies for a steep career points out.

The idea of Harald Seiz, the revolutionization of the financial market, is the example of his personal path to success. But the concept behind the idea lets each dream materialize, so that the book inspires as practical and eye opening councellor for everyone. Already on the first pages it becomes clear what it often hangs on to and what distinguishes successful people from dreamers. With a little courage and the desire for change, any vision can become reality.