Kobe Bryant wallpaper is infected with crypto-mining malware

The Microsoft security service warns that cybercriminals will not hesitate to capitalize on the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant recently died in a tragic helicopter crash and was one of nine people killed in the early morning crash. Before his death, the basketball legend was highly respected in sports circles and had initiated several community programs to empower local children and promote sports in the United States.

Given his popularity, his death was a shock and his family was condoned by leaders such as President Donald Trump, Barack Obama, influencers in the sports world and leading celebrities. While the world mourns the loss of an NBA legend, cybercriminals are exploiting the tragedy, as might be expected.


Microsoft’s security wrote:

Once the wallpaper is activated, the code is executed and begins to use the person’s computing power to illegally mine Monero (XMR), the crypto currency with a focus on privacy. This practice is called steganography, and the process of illegally mining crypto currencies by a self-executing code is called crypto jacking.

This is not the first time that cyber criminals have used photos of celebrities to hide malicious crypto-mining scripts. Last month, a picture of Taylor Swift was used to spread malware. The picture of Oscar-nominated actress Scarlett Johansson was also once used to hide Monero mining malware.