Microsoft patented concept for cryptocoin and mining system

Is Microsoft getting on board now?

After Facebook’s cryptocoin is about to be launched, it should come as no surprise that other tech giants are also planning a cryptocoin. In the case of Microsoft, however, it is a concept that looks as if it came from a science fiction book.


Crypto News: Microsoft patented concept for cryptocoin and mining system

Microsoft’s patent plans to use “Body Activity” to mine cryptocoins. Apparently the system is imagined in such a way that human energy, caused by physical activity, is used to generate the necessary energy for mining. The patent assumes that even brain waves could be used, which are generated, for example, by watching an advertisement.The patent does not contain any further information on the framework or blockchain. Microsoft was probably just trying to secure the idea of futuristic mining before a competitor succeeded.The concept is currently still very vague, so that the actual implementation is difficult to imagine. But the approach is already ringing the alarm bells in numerous sci-fi books with regard to totalitarian dystopias.