Opera records Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron (TRX) in Wallet

The browser provider Opera is expanding its crypto-wallet. Now that Opera Touch has released its iOS version to Ethereum users a few weeks ago, Bitcoin and Tron for Android are now available. Furthermore, web pages will in the future be capable of transactions in Bitcoin. This makes the browser Web 3.0 ready. The company is trying to forestall its biggest competitor.

On his blog, the browser Opera announces that its beta version for Android in the future supports many crypto currencies. Thus, the newly added tokens BTC (Bitcoin), TRX (TRON), and TRC 10 are tokens. These will soon be part of the browser’s crypto-wallet for the Android version 53 Beta. So far, the crypto wallet only supported Ethereum and ERC 20 tokens. Now the tool becomes inclusive for other cryptocurrencies.

The Norwegian IT company recently released a new version of its mobile web browser Opera Touch. The release will allow users to send and receive Bitcoin. They also get access to their transaction history. The PC version of the browser has supported TRX and TRC tokens since May.

Opera is getting ready for Web-3

According to the July 10 announcement, the updates are another step in implementing Web 3.0. The authors even refer to this as the most important part of the innovations. “We can now say with certainty that our browser is Web 3.0 ready. This should be the new standard for all browsers, “it says in the post.

Thus, the new format makes it possible for websites to request and receive addresses. In addition, users can send Bitcoin through the websites. This is the main adaptations to Web 3.0, which Opera describes as “experimental”.

Web 3.0 is an Internet concept based on blockchain technology. It continues to encompass numerous online businesses, including data storage, banking and decentralized exchanges. Some observers see this as the revolutionary break of the Internet for the future.Opera is gradually introducing more features to adapt to Web 3.0. In addition to the Bitcoin wallets, this includes the acceptance of decentralized application interactions such as dApps in his services. The company also supports relevant research in the blockchain field. For example, as part of a partnership with Ledger Capital, it is exploring possible blockchain applications on its products. The Norwegians want to be one step ahead of their competitors in terms of new technologies. After all, it is no longer a secret that Blockchain, Bitcoin and Co. are indispensable to the success of existing IT companies in Web 3.0.