Paris Saint-Germain introduces Fan Token

The French first division club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is the youngest top club to rely on blockchain technology. The cooperation with the blockchain company Socios, announced on January 28, enables PSG fans to participate in votes using so-called fan tokens.

One thing first: Thomas Tuchel doesn’t have to worry about being chosen by a horde of hodlish hardcore fans from his coaching position for the time being. The first vote, in which PSG fans can cast their votes using block chain, is primarily symbolic in character. It is a motivational slogan that will find its way onto the inside of captain Thiago Silver’s captain’s armband. According to a press release from the club, the following uplifting messages are available:

  1. 50 years, 40 trophies, only 1 passion (“50 years, 40 trophies, 1 passion”)
  2. ici c’est Paris (“This is Paris”)
  3. 3.our history will become legendary

To participate in the voting, you must be in possession of the Fan Token $PSG. This is currently being offered to him as part of a “Fan Token Offering” on the Socios platform.


$PSG Fan Token: For fans, not traders

Payment is not made with fiat money, but exclusively via the Socios crypto currency CHZ – one may rightly feel reminded of a classic Initial Coin Offering (ICO). In addition to purchasing CHZ via Bitcoin exchanges, the Socios currency can also be collected via an Augmented Reality App in the style of Pokemon Go.

In contrast to the latter, however, Fan Token Offerings on socios do not deliver tradable coins. The fan tokens – including the $PSG fan token – are used exclusively for voting. In addition, Paris Saint-Germain will offer fan token holders prizes such as VIP tickets or personal meetings with the players. The rule of thumb is: The bigger the stake, the higher the chances of winning.

“With the introduction of the $PSG Fan Token, our fans can now make important and symbolic decisions for the club. As of today, the club is increasing its proximity to the fans, who are one of our most important values,” comments Marc Amstrong, Chief Partnership Officer at PSG, on the fan token offering.

“Building a stronger connection between the club and its fans is’s primary goal. With the $PSG Fan Token, fans can help redesign the club’s identity while gaining access to great rewards and experiences,” Socios boss Alexandre Dreyfus is quoted in the press release.


No Germans among the partners

Besides Paris Saint-Germain, AS Rome, Juventus Turin and West Ham United, among others, have their own fan tokens at Socios. However, you will not find any Bundesliga clubs among the Socios partners. But even in this country, the top clubs are discovering applications of block chain technology for themselves. FC Bayern Munich, for example, cooperates with the block chain company Stryking Entertainment to create digital trading cards for its players. Borussia Dortmund is trying to do the same with the provider Fantastec.