Ross Beaty: Gold & Silver are the most popular

On Wednesday, Grit Capital hosted a webinar attended by great personalities from the raw materials industry, reports Investing News. One of these participants was Ross Beaty, who runs several successful mining companies and supports even more companies. In a short conversation, he spoke largely about the commodities that he is currently bullish against, with gold and silver at the top. “I just expect fabulous gold and silver fundamentals, actually as good as I’ve seen in my 45-year career,” said Beaty.


Bull market in gold and silver started early

He believes that a sustained bull market in gold and silver started in 2016.However, the duality of silver to be both precious and industrial metal means that its prognosis is mixed. “If there is a synchronized economic recovery and a good gold market, silver is likely to outperform gold,” he said.”However, if we have a moderate market for industrial metals, but there is still pressure from all kinds of governments to stimulate their economies, gold prices will continue to rise. And the yellow precious metal would likely outperform silver in this scenario.”