Russian police investigate a head of office for illegal crypto mining

The Russian police have launched an investigation into a former head of a regional post office who was crypto-mining on the Internet at the post office in Mineralnye Vody. According to a report by the RNS, the responsible law enforcement agency in the Stavropol region suspects the former branch manager of illegally mining cryptocurrencies via the Post network using “professional hardware”. He also used the electricity from the branch for almost six months. Secret crypto mining is said to have started in September 2019.


Small damage, big consequences

According to calculations by the police, the Stavropol post office has so far “only” suffered damage of 30,000 rubles (equivalent to 385 euros).The accused is nevertheless accused of “abuse of power”, which is a violation of the Russian Criminal Code. The investigation has not yet been completed, which is why the police have not yet disclosed the man’s identity. Accordingly, no charges have yet been brought.


Not the only case

In March, there was a similar case in the city of Saint Petersburg, in which crypto-miners stole nearly $ 200,000 in electricity to mine Bitcoin (BTC).To this end, the criminals had installed mining hardware at eight different locations, which they then connected directly to the public power grid.