Shenzhen and Huawei rely on blockchain partnership

The Nanshan district, which is part of the Shenzhen region, has now announced a partnership with the telecommunications giant Huawei, in which blockchain technology is also expected to play a role.

According to regional news magazine The Global Times, Huawei and the Nanshan government have agreed to cooperate on blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and 5G. Similar to a sandbox initiative, you want to build a model city for future technologies. The technologies are to be researched and tested on the Huawei processor infrastructure Kunpeng.Concrete blockchain applications are not called.


FinTech plays important role

However, in addition to chip production, the topic of FinTech should also play an important role in order to process banking, insurance, securities and third-party payments using the latest technology. It is precisely here that one could well imagine the use of blockchain technologists. Huawei itself has worked with government agencies on blockchain research several times in the past. The group is currently developing a blockchain solution for the Chinese government. The aim is to optimize the data exchange between the authorities in the country.