SingularityNET combines Artificial Intelligence and Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

SingularityNET, is a decentralized marketplace for AI services and service providers. Tonight at 8 pm CET the SingularityNET Foundation will present the new SingularityDAO. This new project wants to combine Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

SingularityNET combines Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. Thus it creates a decentralized, open market for AI, in which anyone who develops AI or needs its services can participate.

The project was created by developers from Hanson Robotics. Hanson Robotics is best known for the development of the AI robot Sophia and is therefore considered a pioneer in AI research. In addition, the Government of Malta also worked with SingularityNET to promote AI and Blockchain technology.
SingularityDAO Announcement at Crypto Summit

On November 9th at 8pm CET the SingularityNET team will announce the SingularityDAO. The SingularityDAO focuses on the DeFi sector. The project is primarily intended to improve the funding for early and mid-phase block chain projects by leveraging AI, tokens and block chain technology. In addition, the DAO website and white paper will be available tonight at

The announcement will be made during the Decentralized OS Conference. The Decentralized OS is an online conference that brings together some of the most respected minds in blockchain, cryptography, AI, finance and medicine.

The event includes the following topics: Decentralized Governance, Decentralized Health and Decentralized Finance. Here is the link.