The decentralized fight against Corona

The Netherlands has launched an initiative to use technology to combat the corona pandemic. The blockchain is also used.With the corona pandemic, the world has found a common central problem. The fight against this, in knowledge exchange and in research, is decentralized.


Tymlez tracks medical aids

Also included is TYMLEZ, a company that provides a blockchain infrastructure for tracking medical supplies. By using blockchain, you can track respiratory masks or disinfectants.According to official information, more than 10 companies are currently involved in Tech against Corona – the aim is to get more companies on board and to create an interface between private technology companies and the Dutch government.


Blockchain and Bitcoin against Corona

In the past, however, people have launched several initiatives to help blockchain use against the pandemic. For example, the Blockchain Federal Association has presented a blockchain solution for a kind of digital euro. The “Diggi” coin is intended to help support the economy by offering the Federal Government the opportunity to mix consumer vouchers in the form of digital coins with the people.