The gold currency: Value stability meets global acceptance and crisis security

It is an undeniable fact that the world is on the verge of upheaval. Decisions made in the past, such as the unstable monetary policy, cause concerns among the population and have led to a true departure from the conventional financial market. Investments in tangible assets are booming, which reflects people’s uncertainty and shows just how much confidence in banks and the current monetary system has declined. In the case of tangible assets, the focus is not only on real estate but also on gold, which is deposited in the form of bars or investment coins in private safes or in bank vaults. However, even if investment gold is a good decision, it is not suitable as a means of payment due to its high weight and value.

Smaller denominations and gold as a currency are crucial for liquidity in the future.
 As CEO of Karatbars International, Harald Seiz laid the foundation for this and has developed the world’s first physical gold currency. He regards gold as the only crisis-proof currency that functions cross-border and independently of government debt money systems and therefore has a real future.

Karatbars International

Good reasons for choosing gold as your currency

At the very latest since the discussions about the abolition of cash, the majority of the population has been sensitized and alarmed about the future. If the financial market is digitized, as is already the case to a large extent in Scandinavian countries, for instance, everyone’s existence is threatened. Reverting to gold and into “preppering” has a simple and comprehensible reason. The population wants to prepare for crisis situations and not be helplessly exposed to a political decision or a change in the financial market. With gold as a currency people protect themselves from external influences and are solvent even if the current national currency loses importance or if a bank crash leads to the collapse of the conventional financial system. Harald Seiz’s vision involves gold as small micro-bars or banknotes with a physical gold component as a valid means of payment value-stable performance. With Cashgold and GoldCards, the visionary has laid a foundation, on which he continuously builds and wants to make gold a viable option for all people in all countries as a valid currency. Only if everyone can pay with gold in daily life and make even the smallest purchases, will the precious metal meet the criteria of a currency and will no longer only be considered as an investment option in material assets.

The future of gold – A look at its history

Gold is not just a liquidity and investment asset of the present. Even in the distant and not so distant past, people who owned gold and who could pay with it at any time were safe in terms of liquidity. The alternative financial market must return to this point, says Harald Seiz, addressing among other things his own developments of gold as a means of payment. Undoubtedly, it is not really feasible to conduct transactions with an investment bar of 500 grams and to use it to pay for purchases. By dividing it into the smallest denominations and integrating it into a cross-border currency with a tangible asset component, gold could in future achieve the effect that a large part of the population would actually like to see in the present.