The goldprice is not sure where to go

The price of gold is stabilizing in yesterday’s New York trading from $ 1,710 to $ 1,712 / oz. Gold trading in Shanghai and Hong Kong remains unchanged this morning, and is currently trading at $ 1,712 / oz, $ 14 / oz above the previous day’s level. Gold mining stocks are developing unevenly around the world.From the global financial crisis to the crack-up boom (catastrophe boom): “Lufthansa urgently and quickly needs a lot of money. Because of the largely parked fleet, the company is currently losing around one million euros in liquidity per hour.”


Lufthansa can afford a shutdown

With 9.0 billion euros, Lufthansa can completely cover the shutdown for 6 months (1 day = 24 million euros, 183 days = 4.4 billion euros) and with the remaining 4.6 billion euros, it can restructure the balance sheets and give the board another one pay ordinary bonus for successful renovation.The precious metal marketsOn a euro basis, the gold price can grow at a somewhat lighter dollar (current price 50,698 euros / kg, previous day 50,487 euros / kg). On April 14th, the gold price reached the target price range between $ 1,700 and $ 1,900 / oz after a long upward movement and has been valued fairly again for many years.