U.S. Senate is thinks about using blockchain for voting

US Senate is considering blockchain voting The corona pandemic poses new challenges for democracies. The US Senate is also looking for ways to conduct votes and the like without physical presence. Could blockchain be the solution here?

As a result of the general corona lockdown, the United States Senate temporarily suspended session work. Although the upper chamber of the US Congress resumed work on May 4, Senate officials continue to seek procedural solutions that are appropriate to the acute threat. As a variant for contactless voting, a memo from employees of the investigation subcommittee therefore discusses a blockchain solution.


29-page memo

The 29-page memo dated April 30th is devoted to the legal and technical framework for remote meetings and voting. The authors note that there are no clear legal regulations for such cases. In view of the technical possibilities available, they consider such regulations to be sensible. Finally, the blockchain and comparable technologies could currently contribute to maintaining the democratic process while avoiding health risks. However, the memo does not contain any concrete legislative proposals, since the decision on procedural rules is the responsibility of another Senate committee.