Weiss Crypto Ratings seeing Bitcoin as a better investment than Bitcoin

Bitcoin has a small disadvantage, however …

Because the digital asset has some advantages, as Weiss Crypto Ratings also announced in a new blog post about the increasing popularity of Bitcoin among institutional investors. The waning confidence in fiat currencies will continue to strengthen Bitcoin, the new kid on the block.One of the advantages of bitcoins is to hedge inflation with a limited number of coins. Because even if new bitcoins are mined by 2140, there will never be more than 21 million BTCs.While mining bitcoins requires a lot of computing power, mining gold also requires a lot of people, tools and machines. Once the gold has been mined, it still has to be transported and stored safely while bitcoins land in the miners’ wallets and the process is complete.


Development like gold: Bitcoin price at $ 180,000 USD

More and more institutional investors are showing their interest in the digital asset Bitcoin (BTC). Weiss Crypto Ratings considers this fact to be an important indicator that the value of Bitcoin is about to rise sharply. For private investors, this means that they should also look into investing in Bitcoin – because wherever institutions and wealthy invest, there is big money.So far there has been a problem. Only a few institutions have so far had the requirements that allowed them to invest in cryptocurrencies. With the advent of Grayscale’s crypto trusts, however, this situation has changed. Because Grayscale Investments offers regulated, trustworthy funds such as the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), to which all institutional investors have access.